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An exploration of ‘How Innovation Works’

Jon Gertner reviews “How Innovation Works: And Why It Flourishes in Freedom by Matt Ridley.

Innovation, Matt Ridley tells us at the start of his new treatise on the subject, “is the most important fact about the modern world, but one of the least well understood.”

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The Secret Is Out: Penguins Are Promiscuous Too

A new book offers an insightful history of fieldwork in Antarctica—and a glimpse into the secret (and hidden) lives of penguins. Read the article The New York Times Book Review
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Reverse Engineering the Climate Crisis

To achieve net zero carbon emissions by the midpoint of the current century, we will need to buy ourselves time. We can’t just stop putting CO2 into the air. We will also need to remove some of the carbon dioxide we’ve already released. Read the article Audubon Magazine, Fall 2019
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In Greenland’s Melting Ice, a Warning on Hard Climate Choices

Greenland is melting at an unprecedented rate, causing vast quantities of ice to disappear and global sea levels to rise. The fate of the ice sheet is not sealed, but unless CO2 emissions are sharply cut, the long-term existence of Greenland’s ice is in doubt. Read the article Yale Environment 360
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Maybe We’re Not Doomed After All: We Have the brains to slow down climate change, but do we have the will?

As the effects of a warming climate intensify and a sense of impending catastrophe grows stronger, it’s becoming easier to give in to environmental despair. Having spent the past five years studying the Arctic and traveling around Greenland, I feel the pull as well. Glaciers and sea ice are melting at an alarming rate; temperatures are…
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IBM Review: Building Big Blue

IBM was originally a holding company cobbled together to please investors. Then Thomas Watson gave the firm a purpose and a sales-driven culture. Great companies tend to have alluring stories to explain their origins: a charismatic founder, an innovative idea, or a product or technology that goes on to become part of the culture of…
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